Dr. Derek Colley
Ph.D MSc PgDip BSc(Hons) MCP


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Dr. Derek Colley is an industrial and academic data professional with more than 15 years’ experience in all elements of data analysis, administration and management. As an active practitioner, he is expert with MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and IBM DB2. Derek is proficient in MySQL and Oracle Database and has an advanced understanding of SQL for data science. For ML and data analytics he has expertise in R (dplyr, caret) and Python (PyTorch, scikit-learn). Derek holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Computer Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security and Digital Forensics, a Master’s degree in Computing and a Ph.D in Computer Science.

Derek has extensive direct experience creating ML models, particularly regression models (R, SPSS), application of clustering for classification (SPSS, WEKA), creating, training and testing neural networks (PyTorch) with a strong theoretical understanding throughout all areas. He is also a skilled data architect with his most recent project being the creation of a 3-layer enterprise data warehouse for NHS cross-trust data analysis with over a billion data points. Derek is an excellent data analyst and DBA, professionally certified in both MS SQL and Oracle systems, and a competent AWS engineer, able to configure RDS, Lambda, S3, EC2 and other services. He is familiar with Azure, particularly Azure DB and Blob Storage. Derek is also a good statistician with a fair understanding of the applicable mathematics such as distributions, probabilistic models, Shannon’s information theories and use of descriptive statistics.

Derek has published several research papers in academic journals and over 30 trade press articles, primarily for mssqltips.com and sqlservercentral.com. He is also a member of the Editorial Review Board for the IGI Global International Journal of Business Intelligence Research.